Monday, February 16, 2009

The Love Jar

All week long I have read tons of emails, website posts and blogs of different things you can do with your hubby to keep love alive or to inspire a bit of romance on Valentine's Day. In all this reading I did find a wonderful tip that is super easy to do and will last as long as you would like. I wouldn't recommend more than 4 weeks as things change so frequently in my house and my life, it's hard to plan out that far in advance.

The idea for the Love Jar is from the Focus on the Family website and it's so easy, you will wonder why you didn't think of it. Why not keep love alive everyday and not just on Valentine's day? Here is how you start. You each get 4 slips of paper and on it you each write something on the paper that the other person can do for you to make you very personally loved! It could be something big or something small, depending on what your needs are. You will be surprised at how simple some of your man's needs are. The point is to be specific!

The jar's intention is to help each other out, with finding specific tasks we can do on a weekly basis to show unconditional love. It takes the guess work out of what the other really needs in order to feel loved. I know my hubby will ask me what he can do for me, and it really takes all the feeling out of it if I have to tell him. I have given up trying to think at some mysterious point in my life he will be bestowed the gift of reading my mind, and have resolved to tell him. This is where the love jar comes in handy.

By writing down 4 needs for me and he does the same, we will each pull one out of a jar on a Sunday. It will tell us what the other one needs and we have a week to pull it off. It's funny how simple things mean so much to the other person. One of my hubby's was to call and talk to him when he is commuting so he isn't lonely on his long drives and it helps to keep him awake. Go figure! Certainly not rocket science.

By the way, Steve already fulfilled one of mine for this week, by making me dinner since for about as long as I can remember with him being out of town, all the cooking has fallen on my shoulders. I knew that he would be home this week but who knew that he would do that task! Amazing too because this man can really cook! What was it you ask? Shepherds Pie on a cold and rainy night! Yummmmm!

I hope you are encouraged to try this idea and it brings back some meaning into your relationships! Let me know by commenting!


Andrea said...

What a beautiful idea. Blessings on your journey. Andrea

Laurie said...

I love the idea! It reminds me a bit of the movie Fireproof and the Love Dare. I think it will overwhelm my hubby now with his busy schedule now, but I am going to do an envelope where he puts in ideas for me!

Thanks for the idea and post!