Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Believe!

I remember the saying, "I believe" was something that ran throughout the movie Miracle on 34th Street when the validity of a man claiming to be Santa Claus was called into question by the court of law. You have union workers stating their beliefs, traffic cops, kids on the street you name it, everyone is stating their belief in Santa Claus. Then there are other plays on the words believe. You have to believe it to see it, I believe I will have a second slice of pie, I believe in myself, I believe in UFO's, I believe in life after death, you name it someone has believed in it. Some will even claim to use the word believe to inspire something heavenly, supernational or to come off sounding religious or moral.

What about our religious beliefs? Oh sure we can share then when asked, or when in church or perhaps with close friend or families but never anywhere else, least likely of all work right? Isn't that the taboo word, God at work, don't discuss it. What are we afraid of? We might offend someone? We might get fired? Its just not something to discuss unless off site or when asked?

For five years, I taught a class as a corporate trainer for one of the largest communications companies called Respecting the Workplace. I loved this class because of how we got to stir up things you aren't suppose to discuss at work. Did you know, that you can discuss religion at work? Yup, and sometimes it's one of the few places you can learn from other's differences. The issue of trying to sell your religion or force someone to change their beliefs is where companies tell you that you're crossing the line because you have potentially offended the other person.

Yet as Jesus walked among the people during his times here, didn't He talk to people about God, wherever He was? He didn't dine only with the big wigs and CEO's of companies or the White House, he went in the worst possible places imaginable. He can to the people, He didn't call the people to Him. He met them right where they were, in the midst of their worst times and in their worst appearances. It doesn't say that lepers hid from Jesus, they sought Him out. The prostitutes didn't run away in shame, they ran to Him.

People need to know what faith in God can do. We all know at times what our faith in God the Father and Jesus Christ has done for us, do we share it or do we wait to be asked? I heard a news report last night that really bothered me just after the Academy Awards last night. It stated how Hollywood choose that opportunity to share it's beliefs with not only the people attending, but also all the viewers on television. I heard that writers and actors alike used this opportunity to share their beliefs in gay marriage (AGAIN) and how the rest of us supporters of non gay marriage should be ashamed for withholding their rights from them.

Which rights are they claiming? Rights for benefits? Rights to adopt children? Rights to leave personal property to their significant other? I am lost. I will not support the right for the definition of a married couple to be something other than what God created and that's man and wife.(Genesis 2:24) Is it because they have intruded on everything else that was God ordained at this point and won? Is this a challenge for them to attempt to persuade others to their side?

Hard to believe that we should be ashamed for believing in the design of marriage the way it should be, and it doesn't need to be redefined for any other reason. Go find another cause. There will always be another one. I stand by my decision to raise my children to be tolerant of what other people may believe and that there always will be people who believe differently than us. I will not have society force me or my family to believe that marriage as it has stood since the beginning needs to be changed to fit everyone.

This is one time where one size does not fit all and I think it's wrong that the media remains biased on this point. I can't wait for someone to stand their ground and report both sides without favoring one side or the other. Since it's my right to choose, I will choose not to support the Hollywood actors or writers with my hard earned money so they can use it for evil. I will support those actors, writers and companies that promoted God so that they can continue to produce great fruit in a dark world.

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