Thursday, April 5, 2018

Born to Teach

The title sums it up.

I believe God has graced me with the ability to teach. From tackling homeschooling both my daughters, the youngest from 1st grade through 11th, yes she graduated a year early, to my job for 10 years as a Corporate Trainer and Senior Training Specialist to now heading up my own home based business, including managing and supporting a group of incredibly talented ladies in my wreath making private group.

I love not only just teaching a new skill to women, but to encourage and nourish their souls with the right dose of encouragement. I love doing that because I believe as women, we get beat up a lot, put our own needs on the back burner for awhile and also we serve so much, we often don't hear words of encouragement that would refill our emotional bank accounts. We are so busy all the time, that we fail to see what greatness we bring to our families, our jobs and even in our own life.

Isn't that the truth about our lives ladies?

Don't we just grow in the sunshine with just the smallest dose of praise?

I know I do.

There are those times when you just feel like a dying plant waiting for a drop of moisture so you can grow and thrive again. I know how much I adore that feeling of getting kudos for a job well done. Just the smallest dose goes such a long way and can pick you up when you're feeling blue and melancholy. I believe that not just women need it too, but also the men in our lives. The ones who work so hard at keeping us financially afloat could use that same praise for anything they do. They get beat up all day by people not appreciating them for what they do, because it is expected, yet I find that often times, praise and appreciation go further than a bigger paycheck. I know there are jobs that I look back on and I LOVED doing them because most days I got instant appreciation. From a floundering student who suddenly excels at something they've been struggling with, to a new employee who believes they're not cut out for the job, only to shine with just the smallest dose of encouragement and some time helping them where they're frustrated, to women who believe they're not cut out to do anything now that they believe their lives are growing to a close.

I believe if you're still breathing, God has you here today for a plan and a purpose and He doesn't make mistakes, In fact, throughout the Bible, God has used countless, "nobodies" to become major somebodies when He is finished. I mean if the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth thinks you're something special, shouldn't that be good enough? Yet it sure does something to us when we hear it! My challenge for you today is to find 3 people and encourage them, compliment them or find a way to show them, they're special. The interesting thing is that it does something for you as well by taking that time and making it something sincere.

Hope that you'll share how it went with me below with a comment. 

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