Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Such A Hassle Just to Make A Buck

Here it is Day 4 of feeling so much better. Today is better than yesterday with just a trace of symptoms of IC. I am enjoying a cup of coffee this morning since not having any for the last 2 days and switching it out for Marshmallow Root Tea. I've been waking up with a headache the last two mornings and wanted to see how my bladder would handle a bit of coffee. So far so good.

I hate my urologist. I think he is strictly doing his job for the money and making people jump through hoops just to get their test results. When he did my scope on Friday, all he provided to me at that time, was that my bladder was pale. You would think if your urologist conducted said test, he would tell you what is going on at that time. I was in so much pain, I couldn't think straight to ask him anything since I was focused on dealing with that, and my husband was arguing him over why he refused to prescribe something for the pain. When I asked the nurse how I could find out the results of the test, she told me within a week. Really?

After yesterday I told my husband no more.

I'm going to schedule one final appointment to pick up the results of my scope and hand them off to my primary care doctor who was the first to diagnose me with IC. He was the only doctor to also prescribe any pain medication for me, which was my saving grace on Friday. Now when I called to schedule a follow up, the earliest I can see him is April 25th. My current prescription of Elavil is scheduled to run out on Sunday the 23rd of April. I asked his nurse if I can get the prescription refilled so I don't have to be in pain while I wait for the appointment. She told me, the doctor won't refill prescriptions unless he has seen you.

I explained the situation and the earliest appointment would put me two days without medication. Her response was less than favorable, but I pushed her to at least ask. After all it was his suggestion that I double up on the medication just to get me through the pain of Friday's procedure and I can't see how if the medication is working, why he would want to make me wait just to have it filled.

Honestly. Doesn't it seem like this man is out just to make more money. His office visits are $300.00 which is what he is charging our insurance. So now I have to plan another visit, just so he can tell me, my results are normal and that he will refill my script? If I don't hear back from him by Friday, I'll have to see how I can push my primary to refill my scripts instead and forgo dealing with Dr. Greed instead.


LV said...

I would have changed doctors a long time ago. This is ridiculous.

Mari said...

I'm not impressed by hi at all - I would change too.