Wednesday, December 11, 2013

No Peeking!

While out running errands today I was listening to the radio and the discussion was brought up about how many listeners actually peeked at their Christmas presents before Christmas. I thought it was interesting and often thought back to the many ploys, we parents, use to ensure that our kids don't know which presents are theirs, often times hiding them and wondering if they have ever cheated and found them.

Looking back at my own childhood, I found out that Santa wasn't real when my brother and I stumbled upon that back of my mom's bedroom closet. Yup! Tucked back in the far recesses of that space were shopping bags filled with our presents. Of course, we just had to take more than just a peek and were more than delighted with what we were going to get. Of course, the one thing I do remember is that it wasn't as exciting when we did get around to opening them as it would have been if we simply would have waited. That discovery pretty much confirmed my suspicions that Santa was really my parents because the labels on our packages always looked just like my moms.

One of these days, I'll have to share that story with her. You think I would have learned my lesson right?

Yeah, I would have thought so too, but none the less, when I got married my first husband wasn't the greatest at getting me ANYTHING I wanted. He thought he knew better and face it, it's pretty hard to pull off a great face when you open your package to find a drill set. It's simply perfect he argued for all those times I needed him to fix something, I could simply do it myself. So I felt justified one year to take a peek at those "presents" so I can prepare myself for the worst ahead of time. I cut the scotch tape off the presents and opened up the paper carefully and then re-taped it when I saw what they were.

The funny thing is they must have been so awful because I don't even remember what they were. I knew I was disappointed but at least I could work those emotions out before actually opening them in front of him. Now our kids are grown past that stage but it's interesting to know if you have ever peeked at your presents growing up. How did you find them? Did your parents find out? How do you keep your own kids from discovering your Christmas presents before Christmas? Can't wait to find out what you have to share!!!

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