Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kat is Back with a Twist!

I was just telling my hubby today how long it's been since I wrote a blog post, while I update my status in Facebook several time throughout the day. Why is that?

I think it's simply because I feel the need to write something profound or spiritual that I feel led by God to share, when the real reason I created my blog was more as an online journal for me, than simply feeling the need to share something with readers. That is initially what drew me to decide to create a blog in the first place. It would allow me to look back on the way God has worked in my life every day and see the highs and lows and the way He has brought me through it all. It would be a place to share prayer requests and also answer them if I could. It would allow you to see what an almost 50-year old mom of two is doing in her day to day life with a busy husband who works much harder than he should. So I am taking on the commitment to do so.

So what have I been up to lately?

Well, without sharing all the details of 2013, lately I've been diligently streamlining my book review process. After almost 4 year of reviewing books and taking on the challenge in the last couple years of reading a book or more per day, I am limiting what I really want to read. I am eliminating those books that I don't feel represent who I am or what God has called me to do. So does that mean no more non-Christian books?

No, because I truly believe God has given me this desire to read and review books in order that I may shine the light on the dark places people find themselves once they pick up a book. There have been several books that look amazing, the synopsis on the cover doesn't covey what lies hidden within and then you are completely shocked by what you get on the inside.

So that will continue to some degree but now I am simply being a whole lot more selective. I love giving first time authors a shot at having their books reviewed and LOVE being able to help in any way. Yet again, I am still being selective at what I choose to read. I can't see giving an author a fair evaluation of their book if I don't have the heart to read what they wrote, so I am only being fair in that regard. Just this year alone, I have read 249 books this year even though my initial goal was only 200.

What does that mean? I am not reading as many as I have in the past, which gives me more time with my family. My hubby travels quite a bit so the downtime there is now being filled with reading to help pass the time.

I am also home schooling my youngest daughter in her first year in high school and I am thrilled that she is maintaining perfect A's in her freshman year. This means that as the semester draws to a close, all her teachers have given her the option of not having to take the final exams in all her subjects as a way to show her what the consequences of hard work are. She is over the moon with that and is finishing up her final weeks in all her subjects.

We are looking forward to incorporating some new Christmas traditions this year and are planning our trip to see the Christmas lights in the middle of the month. I will share those with you.

From this point on, you'll see a bit more of the personal side of who I am along with what God's doing in my life and what He has to say when He shares something with me. Hope you are all staying warm and cozy and I send my California sunshine your way today!

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LV said...

So glad to hear from you. You are still as pretty as ever. I read too, but noting compared to you. That is remarkably that you can read that many books, home school and everything else. You are an amazing lady.Best wishes my friend for the holidays. May you and family be richly blessed.