Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life with Giles!

Meet Giles!

(Also known as G.Gy, G. Gy Joe, P.O.T.U.S. Potamus, Big Guy, Bottomless Pit, Beggar, Fatty)

Do you ever stop and wonder why we name our cats only to invent thousands of names for them and then wonder why they don't come when we call them? 

Anyway... back to the story of Giles.

Yes, he really wants to talk to you! 

O.K. well, maybe not, so I don't think he'll mind me sharing a little bit about him. 

He is one of three cats that we share our home with. I thought I would take a moment and introduce you to him. He is my husband, Steve's cat. He truly has made Steve his personal pet. He feels he owns him rather than the way we see it. But then it's all a matter of purr-spective right?

First of all if you're a cat owner, you understand that your cats each have a distinctive personality and a voice. For quite a while, we didn't think Giles actually even had a true voice since we never heard him utter any sounds except the occasional purr when we got him. He was from a rescue and was actually housed in a small caged pen with 4 other cats. We thought he was adorable when we first saw him and he was super affectionate. In reality we realize now, it was a true plea for help. 

Giles is really special. In that way we mean, he truly can't jump like most cats can. Either he simply refuses to jump, can't because he has issues being kept cramped in his cage for so long, or he has trained us to pick him up when he needs to get someplace he can't reach. I think it's all three honestly. Here's is a classic example of one of his daily requests, which is to drink from the bathroom sink. He will quite literally wait for you to walk into the bedroom and then attempt his series of jumps

from the floor to the tub,

 then tub to sink;

 turn around to the perfect angle,

 Position himself...just.......right......

 and achieve success in only the best way he knows how.

We believe he is one of the finest water connoisseurs there is. He prefers running water to water simply placed in a bowl. He won't drink from it. 

As you can see most cats would simply make the leap in one easy jump. Giles takes multiple steps. That's why we believe he has difficulty in jumping or he's simply found a better, (more time consuming) way to do it. 

Giles favorite way to spend the day is one of two ways...sleeping (his favorite!)

 or trying to get outside. 

Even though he can't jump we still worry he might be faking it all this time, so he stays inside. At least most days. 

There are those times where his meow can get downright irritating and well....OK, I feel sorry for him and let him out.....

 The lone jungle cat, walking through the tall grass....

Wait! What was that? (Um, he has a bit of ADD too)....

Is that movement of my prey, perhaps a juicy lizard???

Ah! The lizard is all mine, mine, I say!   

(O.K. that voice is what is I hear him say in my head, but perhaps he really is saying that after all!)

Giles is also great at kneading bread, or as we like to call it making muffins, since he keeps his kneads close together and very small. Here he's making mini muffins just for you. 

Isn't Gile's nice?

He's been doing this since we got him.

Now if I can only get him to do this on my back while I lay face down, I could get a great 'cat massage'!

Isn't Gile's awesome?

Tune in again soon for more adventures from Giles.....

I'll have to find him doing something besides sleeping or begging for water...

Until then.....

Only the shadow knows....Muh ha ha!

(Yeah, the voice in my head again.. or simply watching way to many TV shows.!!!)


Terra said...

Giles is terrifically handsome with his gray coat; that last photo is my favorite. What is he planning to do?

Heart2Heart said...


Hmmmm.....perhaps next week we will find out if Giles can do anything else but sleep, make muffins, demand water from the sink or plot his backyard escape!

Tune in next week to find out!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Mari said...

Giles sounds like a wonderful cat. Out cat is named Oliver, but her has numerous other names too.
I loved hearing about his personality. I think cats are so much fun!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

He is awesome and I love how he has to drink of the running water of the sink!

David C Brown said...

Quite a character!


Kat, He is so pretty. He has a great life. How are you ? I have missed you. I updated my blog and hope to catch up on reading yours soon. Love you,