Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Daylight Savings Time


It's the discouraging time again when we have gotten quite used to the fact that we relished our extra hour of sleep. I mean in all honesty, there are still just 24 hours in a day and it's not like we are getting anything extra, but I honestly don't like the bouncing back and forth each year, trying to remember the spring and fall sayings to remind ourselves which way to adjust our clocks.

I, for one, don't understand the logic behind gaining or losing an hour of daylight because productivity I believe struggles during those weeks while we make those adjustments to our routines. I for one, follow the rising sun to make a determination when to get up. I don't need someone telling me that today it's an hour earlier than it was last month. It's still dark.

For one thing, most accidents happen when the sun goes down, I believe. Whether it's due in part to people being more relaxed and therefore more prone to get sleepy or simply for the lack of what you can see during the day that is far different from what you can see at night. Light reveals things that the darkness keeps hidden until it's too late.

Even now, according to my clock, it's 2:40pm and I am dragging to make it through my day. Trying to go to bed an hour earlier isn't helping and neither is trying to get up earlier. I even find myself watching the setting sun to make the determination that it's time to start getting dinner ready or the kids have a couple hours left before bedtime. Even as the sun's rotation changes across the sky and the days grow longer, no one messes with the time. So why do we continue to observe something that I believe has no benefit. Pick one or the other and let's through out daylight savings time. Let's simply let time be and forget springing forward or falling backward. To me you can fall forward just as easily as you can spring backwards. So even the sayings don't make sense.

I love it when countries or states or even portions of states have simply agreed to let time alone. They don't mess around with it or change it and I wonder if the people living there have simply one less thing to worry about besides changing their time on the clocks. Who even determines this anyway? Can't be the federal government since why do some states not observe it and others do?

How do you feel? Do you like manipulating time twice each year to gain or lose an hour of daylight? I wonder what God thinks about this?

I think He is more than amused at yet another thing we attempt to control for weird reasons.

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Mari said...

I'm not happy with it either. I don't really see the benefit of it and I sure see the problems!