Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Perfect Moment

Too often all we tend to focus on are the negative things in our days. You may not think about it like it sounds but see if any of these things sound a bell in your head. Do you focus on all the things that didn't get done today? The traffic in front of you? Do you slow down and check out the accident that delayed you? The price of gas has gone up again? The cost of your grocery bill just got higher this trip? Another irritating sales call? You're computer is taking too long to load your page? The check you wanted to be in the mail is late? You just got bad news? Laid off? Unexpected health issue? Fighting with a family member? Wanting a bit of good news that isn't coming?

See where I am going with this?

When it the last time you noticed when everything was perfect?

The last time that you got to that appointment on time, with maybe room to spare; got that parking spot right in front that no one else noticed?; what about an unexpected visit from a friend or neighbor that cheered you up at that perfect time you needed it; got an raise when you least expected it; got a free minute to yourself; captured that perfect picture; the house is cleaned for once; the smile on a babies face; a fabulous sunset or sunrise?

There are so many perfect moments in our days that slip past us because we have become so trained on looking at what isn't going right so we can fix it. Today, and only today, I want your focus to change. To focus on the perfect moments in your day, your hour, your minutes. Because believe it or not, once they have moved into tomorrow, we missed seeing them.

I challenge you today to see things differently; to pray a prayer with me that God will shift your focus and perception and when you catch yourself wanting to complain about something, your smile turns into a frown, or you are tempted to yell today, remind yourself that you need to look for the perfect. To see happiness in spite of that mess; to see love where you are focused on rushing through the day; to see beauty right in front of you today, instead of walking past. Take time. Take just 5 minutes to look around you and tell me what is perfect in your life today.

Then take 5 minutes or more every single day and challenge yourself to find those perfect moments that make memories worthwhile! Perhaps along this journey you will find joy, hope, happiness, laughter, peace and love again. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you'd be so kind to share them with me.

Dear Lord,

Help me today to find those moments, You are dying to share with me. Those moments so rare like treasure, that show me how great this life can be if I am willing to see it as You do. Help me to view things around me differently. Open my eyes to see them. Help me to not see the imperfections but the moments in my life I am too busy to see. Help me find more of them in my day. I ask these things in Your Perfect Name, Amen!

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David C Brown said...

I must try this some time!

Grace be with you.