Friday, September 17, 2010

Dress Code Over Academics?

Is it me or have any of you noticed how crazy our schools have been lately?

Here are some of the latest trends happening in our daughter's high school in her Senior Year.

Dress Code takes precedence over Academics subjects. Yup you heard me loud and clear. Our school finds that the way to enforce the learning of all students is with a dress code that goes way outside the limits.

Besides your standard stuff like overly baggy pants, showing undergarments which I am a firm believer in keeping out of the school, they are condemning students who wear tanks, any tanks, shorts that don't measure a certain length above the knee, lets just say Bermudas is the new length and anything above that is out, and any shirt that a teacher feels is too low for their standards in this case, a standard V neck t shirt, is grounds for dress code violation.

The worse case yet, my daughter's high school facilitator stopped her on campus for an ankle brace she was wearing under her jeans. It looks "suspicious" and was warned. Am I over reacting?

Want to know what they school has decide to do with the "offenders"? 1st time is a warning, 2nd time is a three day suspension from school. End of story.

So my thinking is that this school would rather suspend students for wearing what "they" deem is inappropriate versus such things as vandalism, bringing weapons to school and even threatening or bullying students.

Not to mention this school would rather suspend a student over keeping them in school to "complete their required school work". Help me, please!

As of today, I have filed a grievance with the school administrator for the issue with my daughter's knee brace and the warning she received. We'll see where it goes from there, but honestly, what are your thoughts? Have the schools simply lost sight of the real issues with students or am I simply a parent that is over reacting?

By the way if my kid looked like the one in my blog picture, I wouldn't be writing this.


LV said...

Trust me I notice the dress codes of the young folks everywhere. It is awful how they dress and look as they do. These boys with their pants falling off is disgusting. I understand where you a re coming from completely.

Warren Baldwin said...

You raise good questions here, Kat. I agree with LV that so many of them dress horribly (for that matter, many adults do, too!).

I am for a dress code, but defining it is going to be difficult b/c no matter where you set the limits, someone will not be happy.

I can't see pursuing a dress code over safety issues, such as students bringing weapons to class. But even then, things have changed. My dad used to keep a .22 rifle in his locker b/c there was a shooting class in his school. Can you imagine that?

It will take a lot of work to bring the standard of behavior up in our society to where it was years ago, that kids could take weapons to school and everyone knew there would not be an incident with them. But I really think a lot of that training is going to have to start in the home.

Mari said...

Good points. I think the problem is a lack of common sense on all sides. I don't understand parents who let their kids dress the way the do, but the schools are getting way crazy with some of their rules. They are even suspending young elementary kids for crazy things. Let us know how things turn out.

Thena said...

I am so thankful when we moved almost 3 years ago from the city to the country. I see way less baggy pants and underwear. Now if the girls would cover up their buns and cleavage.

RCUBEs said...

Sometimes, nothing makes sense with the laws being imposed, I think, not only with schools, but even with other institutions.

I pray there will be a resolution with your grievance. That's what I see in our prison system...the criminals have so many rights...I feel like they have more protection than the innocent ones at times.

Denise said...

Thought provoking post sis.

He & Me + 3 said...


It seems to me that if they are having that many issues with the dress code then they should just go to uniforms. I mean allowing teachers to decide what is inappropriate or not should not be allowed. Their should be a dress code handed out at the beginning of the year and it should not be changed mid stream.
our kids cannot wear tank tops or short shorts either. I am ok with that though. modesty is always good.

Stacey said...

We had the same dress code when I was in school, and that was many years ago.

I agree with Mimi. They need to go to uniforms then.

LisaShaw said...

Hi Kat,

I think Warren, Mari and Mimi shared much of what I would have said. Praying all goes well for your daughter.

I pray that all is well with you.

Love and blessings!

Mich said...

What is crazy about dress codes is theunfairness of who gets away with breaking the rules and who doesn't. I hate it when the girls (and boys) who follow the rules get written up quick for the littlest thing, yet when I go to the school, I see baggy pants, low cut tops, short shorts, etc... on the same kids who get away with everything.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Ditto, ditto, and ditto! Many good points have been added already, to which I can only say it baffles me greatly that many places tolerate the most provocative of garb, even in/on the youngest among us; stuff that even makes me blush at times.

And to think I got in trouble for wearing a Kookie Coat off my shoulders back in the early 60s ...


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Elle Bee said...

I'm with one of the previous posters--uniforms should probably be in effect with that much of an emphasis on violations.

Dena E's Blog said...

So so true,, wow did you say it Girlfriend!!! Its almost unreal compared to how we had to go to school..Sad isn't it..
When they put a rule on no God in schools it just allowed people to become tooo tolerant..
It makes my heart cry and for God..

May all good things of God happen for you in your new week!!!
Hugs&Love~~~ Dena

Gotta Have Faith said...

Very cute and good Post!

The dress code at the school is very strict and should be revised to a more equal code that does not involve being suspended for 5 days after you forget to bring your badge a second time. I do agree in the dress code for the pants down below your waist and the girls tank tops.

Love ya!