Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life After Yes

About Life After Yes

This is the story of Quinn—born Prudence Quinn O’Malley—a confused young Manhattan attorney who loses her father on that tragic September morning that changed everything. Now, at an existential crossroads in her life, Quinn must confront impossible questions about commitment and career, love and loss. Her idealistic beau desperately wants a wedding, and whisks her away to Paris just to propose. But then Quinn has a dream featuring judges and handcuffs and Nietzsche and Britney . . . and far too many grooms. Suddenly, her future isn’t so clear. Quinn’s world has become a minefield of men—some living, some gone, and traversing it safely is going to take a lot more than numerous glasses of pinot grigio.

Life After Yes is a blisteringly honest, thoroughly modern tale of life and love in chaos, marking the arrival of a truly exciting new voice in contemporary fiction.

About Aidan Donnelley Rowley

Aidan Donnelley Rowley is a graduate of Yale University and Columbia Law School who writes about life as a mother and writer on her blog Ivy League Insecurities (www.ivyleagueinsecurities.com). She was born and raised in New York City, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters.

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My Review: As with all my book reviews I have promised to provide an honest review in my own opinion and while the story between the lines is great, as a Christian reviewer with many readers who feel the same as I do, I have to say that this book shares a great deal of profanity. It may not bother some but I have to say it did bother me. Halfway through the book, in my opinion the book is very graphic in it's ability to share the intimate details of the sex life of Sage's and Quinn's life in the bedroom, as well as a man she barely knows who loses his phone in her lap during a cab ride in NYC.

The story is basically what some women may fear once they say I do, after the initial proposal and then second guess themselves through their day to day experiences and wonder if they did the right thing by saying Yes. The book is based in NYC just after 9/11 as Quinn has lost her father and therefore has to deal with losing her father while making sure she is doing the right thing for her life. She sees marriage as a one time thing and wants to make sure she is doing the right thing.

I received this book compliments of TLC Book Tours and looking past the material contained within the pages, I found the story to be very real to the things many women would experience.


Denise said...

I appreciate your honest review.

Andrea said...

Thank you for your prayers and support. I am continuing to pray for both you and steve and hope things are looking up.
Hugs, andrea

Rita said...

Thank you for your comments. I do not understand why people think that they have to have all the bad language to make a book successful. I've read some good books lately with good story lines, but they were so full of bad language that it made the book not so good. Really sad what our nation has come to.

Lou said...

I often feel the same way while reading. There are a good number of books (and movies, shows, etc) that are discounted by the use of profanity and graphic sexual situations. It doesn't add anything to the storyline but overwhlems the whole story.

Have a great day!


Goose Hill Farm said...

Thank you for your honesty, Kat! This is one that I will pass on.


Loren said...

great review Kat! We need your honesty and appreciate your sharing it today!

Love you

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that, in the end, the story did ring true for you in spite of the profanity and excess details.

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