Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stage 2 of 5 complete!

Well I am seeing this week in stages until I am home and recovering. God and I have been talking quite a bit more lately and He understands my anxieties completely. He explained that even if I had the complete assurance and understanding of everything from beginning to end, I would still worry. It's human nature because I will not be in control of my life momentarily. Actually if I really think about it, there are so many opportunities when I am not in control of my life and let God take over the driving for awhile.

Take for example while we sleep. We don't worry that we won't wake up in the morning because sometime during the evening we forget to breath or to remind our hearts to beat again. Nope God handles the details. He is really great at that. He is more able to handle that than we would and I am so glad for that.

So while I check out temporarily on Thursday for my surgery, I have God handling the details for me. He will be making sure that everyone is doing what he created them uniquely to do and I will wake up in a few hours and just have to deal with recovery.

Yet even in that, God will handle the details. He will deal with my body healing itself. While my muscles and skin repair itself while my body supplies just what it needs to make it happen. God will handle it all. He always does.

So why the stages?

It helps me to process things being so in control of things all the time. Stage 1 was talking with the administrations office last week and handling all the paperwork so we are good to go with my insurance.

Stage 2, was dropping the kids off with my mom and sister. They are going to keep them during the week while I have tests stage 3, complete on Tuesday and surgery, stage 4, scheduled for early Thursday morning. With great news, I should be heading home on Friday, stage 5, final recovery.

I know this week has been extremely difficult for me pain wise. I have to say this week has been the most painful since this all began in November of last year. I think God is creating an appreciation in my mind so great to have this relieved, I'd be willing to do just about anything to have this taken care of.

I am working on creating a prayer journal that I plan on taking with me, with scriptures God has pointed out to encourage me and give me peace. I am also taking all your awesome prayers that I have printed out and posted in my book to help when the going gets tough. I have also created a great play list for my IPod of some really encouraging, and spiritually uplifting music to help get me there and recovering. If you want to email me something special, I'd be so glad to take it with me.

I even have the privilege of calling some prayer warriors to pray with me the night before. I ask for peace and no stress that day!

With that in mind, I am almost half way there, in regards to the stages. The amazing thing is just how close God and I have become in my intimate meetings in my mind. I just imagine we are meeting together in a park like setting, some place tranquil and beautiful. It's our place, but then again, God created it, he works in the details. He makes it all seem real!

So for now, I leave the details up to God, I place my whole life in His capable hands, I trust Him more than 100% if that's possible, and I go where He tells me to go.


Mari said...

I love the way you have thought this out and made plans. God will be taking care of you, and as you know - He does better than we do!
I also love to think of all the people who will be praying for you, both through the week and the recovery!

Denise said...

You will be in my prayers, love you.

God a Have Faith said...

Hun Hun,

Just know that I am here for you during each stage! What ever you need I will make sure you are as comfortable as can be. It is true that God will handle all of the details and you will be on the road to recovery in no time! I Love you!

Kelly L said...

I love your thought process - you are preparing yourself to let God be in control.. I love that. I will pray for fast healing... that you will be completely free from pain.

Love to you, my sister in Christ


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Please send me your mailing address...

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Saleslady371 said...

The idea of the scripture journal is clever. It is scary when life is out of our control. I admire your faith, always have. You have been through hard times before. They make you beautiful, dear friend! So glad Jesus is comforting you. I'm praying for this coming week, that each day is full of peace, order, comfort.

Love you!

God's Girl said...

Keep clinging to Jesus! He is so faithful! : )

Rita said...

God will take care of all of the details and we will be praying for you on Thursday!

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Kat, I wanted to let you know that I am praying for a safe surgery and recovery for you, and that you will soon be the picture of have been through soo much girl..Prayers always.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday and commenting and entering my giveaway.

Have a good week, this surgery will soon be in the past!

Unknown said...

I also love how you've prepared for every path in this journey. You've even made sure that your daughters are secure and being kept busy while you go through the various stages.

I will be praying along with the others for your fast recovery and healing.

Take care of yourself.

Girly Muse said...

Praying for you, Kat...hate you're going through this pain, but trusting that it's soon going to be resolved with the surgery!

christy rose said...

It sounds like God has helped you to see things from His perspective and you are well on your way to getting the help you need and experiencing a full recovery! I will be praying for you all week. :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Praying for you friend. I think breaking it down in stages is perfect way to get through. God is in control and that is a peace and comfort for sure.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I think the stages are a very good way to process what is happening.
I will be praying for you during each step.

Beth Herring said...

I pray that you get some rest this week before surgery and that when you awake - you will be a new woman!

Love you friend,

Beth E. said...

I'm praying for you, Kat!