Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Me? An Entrepreneur?

Welcome back everyone! It feels so long since I picked up my proverbial pen and began writing to you. My goal, to write something every single day. Now, the biggest question, "Did you miss me?"

Does anyone even care what I have been up to since I started blogging back in 2009?

Wow even that seems so long ago when I type that, because its now 2020. 11 years ago it all began with what I wanted, which was a place to write down my thoughts and send it out into the World Wide Web and hopefully connect with like minded people.

How funny how much things have changed in just 11 years.

So why am I here again after a long break from writing?

To share with you what God has been doing in my ministry or my life as I see it. What started out as an online journal evolved into a place to connect with so many people from all over the globe and even all different backgrounds, races, religions and so much more. I found in a sense an internet family.

From there it took on the shape of taking my love of reading and books and becoming a book reviewer for mostly Christian book companies and publishers for almost 10 years. Then everything all went digital and those days of free paperbook copies went by the way side. I finished home schooling my girls and they began lives of their own and I felt God telling me it was time for a change.

What He wanted to do in my life, if I was ready to follow Him.

How could I say no? Everything with God is going to succeed. That's almost an automatic yes!!! Please!!!

So I felt God pulling me into using my talents in home decor to not only teach people how to make their homes beautiful but also to teach them how to make that into a hobby or business. God put all the right people in my path.

First of all He provided an outlet for all my pent up creative talents and taught me more about what I was already doing through Facebook and YouTube videos.

Then He lead me to Jennifer Allwood, an incredible women who show other women how to make money in the online space, but even more than that, how I can keep my faith in my business without leaving that at the front door. I can say He is a master of making it all work out, and all one has to simply do is trust Him.

Now going on 3 years, I have managed to take what I love to do and turn it into a profitable full time business. I have a group of over 250 creatives that trust me each month to teach them how to do what I have done as well as coach them in the art of home decor and running an online business. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I could make that work. In fact my designs are all one of a kind unique originals. I never duplicate any design unless a customer is requesting something just for their home or double doors. I wanted them to feel as special as the time and creativity I put into all my designs, so that they too would feel unique and wonderful. Like a true Masterpiece.

I used to watch other people take simple ideas and turn it into a business and never for once did I think that would be me, but here I am.

So I can officially say without a doubt, that I am a small business owner. In fact, I just applied for my first business credit card. Who would have thought?

So I would LOVE to have you join me on the journey! If you have social media, like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram, come find me at KatsCreations777.

Until then I will be sharing with you what I am doing, what is happening and what I am making next. Until then, check out all my online tutorial videos at or if you're interested in purchasing one of my one of a kind creations, find my website at 


David C Brown said...

Thankful that you have been blessed in this enterprise, and trusting that there will be continued blessing as you go in it with the Lord. But He will test you too!

The blogger community isn't as lively as it once was.

LV said...

I have wondered about you as well missing you. So good hearing from you and that things are going well. Trust it stays that way. I am okay but have had few bumps in my life.