Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My Newest Adventure!

 $40.00 (not including shipping or handling)

WOW! So much has happened since I last blogged. I almost forgot how to log in and make a post! My oldest daughter was married last October and has recently moved to Northern California to a new job and a new home. That is heart breaking in its own right. My youngest is now driving at 18 almost 19 now, has been dating a great guy for the last two years and is working for Amazon now.

Now looking back I can definitely see that life is truly a vapor and you wonder where has all the time gone? Besides blogging and review books and now more products there seems to be an emptiness with some of my time, so I thought I would share with you what I have been doing as of lately. Lately meaning as of this weekend, I have turned back the hands of the clock as it were and picked back up my crafting and tried my hands at something a bit new. I have been making my own Christmas and Fall wreaths for awhile and made some for family and friends but never thought of sharing that as a home based business just to see if anyone would like what I was making.

So I made about 6 wreaths of a variety of occasions like Halloween and Day of the Dead even though I don't celebrate it as well as Fall and Thanksgiving ones. I was looking at the ones on Etsy and thought from a personal stand point, based on some of their prices it seemed a bit much to buy the wreaths most people were selling, some as high as $300. I am a mom and every dime counts for us and I couldn't see why people might be charging so much when it seemed like I could recreate them for way less.

 $50.00 (not including shipping or handling)

So I opened up a Facebook page, Kat's Creations and you should see a wreath on the door if you found the right page, and posted a few pictures along with some prices and considered even shipping them to people who would want them in their homes and BOOM, I am almost sold out. I had to make more fall wreaths since I only have one left. I like the idea of keeping them unique and one of a kind. I don't want to lose the passion I have for creating them by doing something mass produced. Plus it is nice knowing so many of them are going to some great blogging friends, Facebook family, and now even people I used to work with.

The best part is allowing people the opportunity to customize them to add more colors or decorations to meet their needs and of course keeping the costs reasonable means something to me. It doesn't mean I can't go all out and elaborate based on their needs like I want a 24 inch instead of an 18 inch, and I would rather have more greens and less fall like colors. I can't wait to do some Christmas ones which will all be completely unique and one of a kind originals.

 $40.00 (not including shipping or handling)

Since this is a new venture, I would LOVE for you to come by and take a look at what I've been doing. and hopefully "Like" my page if you are a Facebook user and if not, I will be posting them here for my blogging family and friends to find. These are first come and first serve, so if you see something you like, email me at Stevenkat27@gmail.com. You can even let me know if you want something personalized or customized to match your home. I'm just getting my shipping boxes in and will also try to find ways to make shipping them affordable if I can. I do take Pay Pal, Money Orders or Personal Checks, and if you're a local Southern California resident I do deliver for a nominal fee from door to door. Let me know what you think and please feel free to comment below if you want me to contact you regarding a personal order as well.

The ones I have sold are pictured below:

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LV said...

So good seeing you back. I have wondered if you were okay. You are making some very pretty wreaths and trust they do well for you.