Friday, May 5, 2017

Urgent Emergency Request

I am using my blogging page to reach out to my fellow bloggers to help in any way they can. I know this community of friends and family but more importantly of faith in God can work miracles and right now my oldest daughter Caitlyn needs one.

Her 3 month old Siberian Husky/German Shepherd Mix was taken into the emergency vet for a bowel obstruction. The vet is hoping it might pass it on his own but then again he might now. For now the financial bill just to treat him tonight is more than their family can afford and I am asking you to help with providing just the right miracle to restore some faith in her life. The initial visit is $700.00 to keep him over night with fluids and whatever they can to help him pass the obstruction. We prayed over him tonight before the vet took him and believe in faith God can make this pass.

Would you consider helping in any way financially to help her meet the goal of $700.00 through her Go Fund Me page. They have been hit financially hard right now with her job cutting her pay by 25% which has meant a $1200.00 monthly loss to their finances. Even though she is trying to find more work, she is between that rock and a hard place we've all been to at one time or another. Please consider helping in any way and if not, would you pass along this blog post to others who might be able to help sponsor him like a German Shepherd or Husky Rescue group? If you can also pray tonight that Corvo will pass this and no surgery would be required. This family truly needs a miracle.

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