Tuesday, June 9, 2015

7 Significant Signs We Are Living in the Last Days

We hear talk all the time about living in the last days, but are we really? People have been saying for decades that they were living in the last days too, yet here we still are! How can we know for sure? Are their significant things that have had to happen to put us where we are at today? What will happen next? What should we do now, because we know as each day passes, it definitely puts us that much closer to the end.

One thing is for certain the end is coming, the time and date are the unknown. Yet the signs are there, 7 of them according to Don Stewart, author of The Rapture of the Church. I only wish the book was still available in print for an affordable price. You can still acquire it for your Kindle or electronic book, but I prefer paper in my opinion.

So what are the signs? Here they are in order of importance and where we stand at in regards to them being completed as well as any reference links I can provide.

1. Israel coming back to the ancient homeland. Since the scattering of the Jewish people for their disobedience to God, the nation of Israel has been regathering her people according to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 37:12-14 ~ "Therefore prophesy and say to them: "This is what the Sovereign LORD says: O my people, I am going to open your graves and bring you up from them; I will bring you back to the land of Israel. Then you, my people, will know that I am the LORD, when I open your graves and bring you up from them. I will put my Spirit in you and you will live, and I will settle you in your own land. Then you will know that I the LORD have spoken, and I have done it, declares the Lord." (NIV).

We know that the Jewish people began to return to their homeland after WWII and on May 14, 1948, Israel became a recognized nation in one day.

Ezekiel 37:21-22, This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land. I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel. There will be one king over all of them and they will never again be two nations or be divided into two kingdoms. (NIV).

After the Six Day war in Israel in 1967, the capital city of Jerusalem was returned to the Jewish people for the first time in 2000 years where it remains a seat of contention in the Middle East. 

2. Building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem, Israel. This has not happened yet, but even now preparations are under way. Temple Institute: We Are Preparing to Rebuild the Temple. Why is this necessary because according to the Bible, the temple must be rebuilt to fulfill the prophesy that the abomination of desolation will need to occur when the AntiChrist sets up an image in the Jewish Temple. Do not be fooled. This has not happened. Yet.

3. Collation of 7 nations against Israel. We are seeing this stage being set even now. For the first time in history the nations of Russia and Iran have formed a military alliance. Even more have vowed not  to accept that Israel has a right to exist which include the Jewish people and any that stand in alliance with her.

4. Nations that are absent from End Times Prophecy, those very nations that surround the nation of Israel should concern us. The ones that won't be present in the last days, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.

5. Lack of Super Power in the World. As the battle against Israel begins, no one can or will help them. So countries won't be afraid to go to war or attack Israel since no one will come to her aid. We already see that the United States of America for the first time, is pulling back on their support to be an alliance to Israel. This is significant because it is being played out. Israel must stand alone with no allies in order for the nations to believe they can succeed in their attack against Israel. We know this won't happen according to the Bible because God is watching over His land and people in Ezekiel 38 and 39. We see God's Hand protecting Israel even now that can't be explained.   Source: Hand of God Prevents Rocket From Striking It's Target.

6. Lack of a World Leader in the World. Right now, there is NO ONE that is respected enough in the world to be listened to, or that can solve any of the issues in the world or even in their own country. Not even the United States. This sets the stage for one who will rise and be able to usher in the peace that has been sought throughout the world and will solve all the economic and social crises with ease.

7. Rise of Modern Technology. We know now that technology has to come to such a point, the we can buy or sell without the exchange of money, to view anything happening in the world today without having to be there physically and for it to be available to work everywhere in the world. Our Smart Phone's make this possible and with the RFID chips, we can track the location of anyone in the world through their device or implantable chips. This is how we can use GPS no matter where we are. If we can be found so we can find our directions to get us home, we can be located by anyone who wants to find us. Even our credit cards are coming with RFID chips imbedded in them.  How RFID's Can Be Used to Track Unsuspecting People.

As you can see, we are seeing the players getting ready, the stage is being set for the culmination of something coming, and for me, I truly believe that could be the rapture of the church at any time. We know that the church leaves the earth in Revelation 4 and isn't seen again until Revelation 19 when we come with Jesus Christ in the battle of Armageddon at the end of the age.

The question shouldn't be if this is going to happen but when. Are you ready for Jesus to return? Don't wait. You don't want to be here after the church is taken away in the event known as the Rapture, and the 7 Year Tribulation begins. It will truly be hell on earth during those prophetic 7 years. I don't know about you, but as a believer in Jesus Christ and NO ONE ELSE, I can't wait to go home in Heaven!

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