Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Are you Voting?

Yup, if you didn't know it, today is Election Day! It's time to get out and vote.

So why when all the results are tabulated does it feel like so many didn't vote? Simple answer is that they didn't. I can even understand why too!

Often times, what we vote for wins, but then somewhere down the line, it seems to get shuffled under the carpet by politicians, government officials or whomever is responsible to making sure that is simply fades away.

Some people will often say, my one vote doesn't matter. They will simply do what they want anyway. The system is flawed, when you pick one, it selects something else entirely. So why bother!

I would argue that yes, it does have flaws, but it is a right so many countries and their people don't get to do and an honor we simply shove aside because in our minds it doesn't matter. What if we all felt that way.

Our elections would stop having a value and we might as well fall under a dictatorship instead of a democratic process we have now.

Sure the results can be skewed. Sure the things we vote on might not ever happen.

But our one single vote matters.

Our founding fathers fought for the right to vote. To have a public say in what you believe. Imagine their horror to learn how far we have fallen in regards to our most precious right to vote.

If you simply don't have the means to get out there and vote, consider signing up for the absentee ballot. One's you mail in instead of heading to the polling places. Ask a friend or family member to drive you.

It's important for our children to see that we are taking our responsibility seriously and not teaching them our bitterness in refraining from voting.

We need to make sure that all those mailings we get during election season in the mail, those annoying automated phone calls, or even all the voting guides that we pick up, we thoroughly research through on our own end.

In this age of technology, the knowledge is literally at our fingertips on a specific candidate or proposal. Make sure you do your research and see what these people have done in the past, who appointed them into office and what their actions have shown in what they have done up to this point.

It is easy to make claims to make yourself heard, but we can rest assured we can follow their work history and see where their heart really lies on certain issues that are important to us.

In fact, out of all the "Voting Guides" I received in the mail, I found so many of them were very biased on what information they gave me. It's hard because often times, you don't know what is coming on the ballot until we get there and see it for ourselves. That is why all those irritating flyers we get in the mail is important for those that like to visit the polling locations. You will know what issues and candidates you will be voting for and have the time to research them before you go.

Be prepared ahead of time by doing your research and your homework. Take notes with you when you go, and please pray for each of the people you are voting for as well as those propositions that will have huge impacts not only on the economy but on our communities and states.

True knowledge is definitely powerful and God instructs us to appoint the leaders who stand for the truth and aren't afraid to speak out about it. Pray for God to guide your voting decisions and then remember that no matter the outcome, continue to pray for the leaders that are elected. It truly is the most powerful weapon we have as believers in God. We may not know the outcome of those prayers, but God does and someday we will too. So please be sure to get out and vote!

And yes, I did vote! I love the absentee process. You can vote early and even call to ensure your ballot was received.

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