Friday, August 1, 2014

Never Thought I'd Say It, but I did!

I can honestly tell you that I am not a fan of most sports. I can't see sitting in front of the TV watching hours of mind numbing sports, but then again each person has their own interests. When I first married my husband, Steve, one of the things I loved about him was he was not your typical husband who would sit in front of the TV during football, basketball or baseball season. I thought to myself, well, I found a real treasure.

He doesn't even share conversations with those who do, because he isn't a real fan of those. However, that being said, he does love golf. Thankfully there isn't much of that to go around and I realize like all sports, the dedication and skill is necessary to be good at it, whether it's driving a small ball down a fairway some 200 yards away, or simply tackling down the guy with the football making his way to the end zone.

I do love going to the sporting events. There is something to be said sitting in a stadium watching it live over watching it being televised. But never did I ever imagine that I would say and find myself sitting with my family, mostly my husband and watching the race to the Sprint Cup for NASCAR. I mean honestly how thrilling could it be watching these guys go round and round an oval track for so many laps. But somewhere along the line it changed.

My husband has been blessed to work in the Motorsports industry these last two years and perhaps some of that bled over on me. Understanding the size of some of these tracks and the speeds at which these drivers race along with the horrible crashes you are likely to witness while watching the race. Watching the speed at which the pit crew will race to change tires and add fuel to the tank in under 13 seconds is simply a feat of beauty.

Just recently my daughter got the opportunity to go with her dad to visit the famous Daytona racetrack in Florida where some of the most intense racing happens. She got to walk places most people don't like the places where the spotters and camera men from your local news shows view the race high over the grandstands. She got to see the lake that sits inside the track that most people don't realize is stocked with fish and my husband got the opportunity to fish in during his down time. It was strictly catch and release only for him.

She got an understand of the size that you don't truly understand until you are there. Not just watching in the stands but walking every inch of that track. She got a true appreciation at just how hard her dad worked. One of her greatest times was when we all got tickets to this years Auto Club 400 and with her dad's credentials he was able to get her a pass to get into the pits. She even got the opportunity to sign the start/finish line and to get her picture with her favorite driver's car, number 18, Kyle Busch.

Why do you ask, does she like Kyle Busch, she loves his car's paint schemes which are sponsored by Mars, so he drives a Skittles car (her favorite), M and M's and Snickers.

So where does that leave me?

Well I am no connoisseur of NASCAR drivers! My husband loves Jimmie Johnson, number 48, and he is an all around nice driver. But I don't want to be a follower.

So after a handful of watching races, I chose the up and coming rookie driver Kyle Larson, number 42, who drives a Target sponsored car. I mean I shop there often enough but there is something to see said for Kyle Larson. He's only 21 and he's got natural skills that are keeping him in the top 10 finishes most races. Not even Danica Patrick is doing that. I know that one day when he wins his first Sprint Cup race, I will be right there cheering in front of my set. It's nice to see people achieve success.

So why the big love for NASCAR?

For me, I love that they open every race with a word of prayer. That they pray for the drivers, their families and fans. They they are all actively supportive of our service men and women, and most of the drivers participate actively in charities that help children or those in need.

So for me it goes beyond just watching men drive around the track in a flashy car. It's about running the race of life with a goal in mind and with God on your heart! That's why I love NASCAR!!! By the way, for those of you that wanted to know who won the race at the Auto Club 400, it was Kyle Busch and Kailee was thrilled beyond measure to have her driver beat ours.


LV said...

How interesting your husband is associated with this fast group. My late husband and I went to most all the races around where we lived, but nothing big. I gave them up tho. Too fast for old folks. Glad your family is well and doing great.

Sandra said...

That is so fun. I am not into car racing either, but my older brother is a nut for them :)

RCUBEs said...

Same here sister Kat...Not that much of a fan for sports perhaps maybe tennis here and there...That's exciting your daughter got to see how it was like (thanks to her dad!). I know it's different when you kinda' see where the true actions are (inside). My son though loves drawing cars and is passionate about them. I remember his excitement when we took him to Laguna Seca and to see how they prepped inside meant a lot to him. Not so much about that but also the fun of being together as a family made it all the more exciting! So, I hope that day will come when you are there to cheer for the "Target" car right beside your hubby!

Thank you for visiting me and well said re:reason why we have all these turmoils all around us. I just pray people will slow down from their racing cars (lives) and make that u-turn back to God. God bless and good to hear from ya!

Crown of Beauty said...

What an amazing post this is, Kat. I haven't around your blog much, but this morning I came over and was happy to read on something that only my sons understand. I get to hear the racing sounds when my sons watch the races on TV... but you and your family are privileged to be seeing those races up close and personal! Hurrah for your daughter!

Have a blessed day, friend. Indeed we are all in a race of life... we race to finish... and he who endures to the end gets the prize!