Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What's the Point Anyway?

"What's the point?"

"Do anyone really notice?"

"What would happen if I never existed?"

If you're honest with yourself at some point in your life, you've probably said those things outloud or to yourself. I know I have, all of them actually.

I used to define myself by what I did.

What kind of job I held, the elusive job title, sometimes how much I made and how that impacted my ability to financially help support my family, even where I lived, dressed or what car I drove.

Silly now that I look back on all of that in my whopping 49 years of life here on this earth. God had such a bigger way for me to view things. All that matters to God is my life.


Just the way I am right now, flaws and imperfections.

I will never be perfect this side of heaven but I am perfect for God today, just the way I am right now.

When I look back at my life, I can see God's hand in so many areas. All of them if I look long and hard enough. Through the trials I thought would consume and drown me, He was there all the way.

Sometimes it was me, trying to work through life my own way, but God never left my side. Often times the only one who left was me.

I try and take time each morning and remember to invite God into my day. Apart from Him, I can honestly do nothing. And at this stage in my life, I don't want to go it alone without Him.

I also spend time reflecting before beginning my day at one of those times in my life when I doubted I would get through something and see how God enabled me to get through it. Sometimes it was days to weather through that storm, other times years and even decades. Some I am still weathering through.

It's important not to forget God during those times. Those are our faith builders. They are what fuels our spiritual life to keep on enduring. To keep pushing forward when the enemy simply wants us to call it quits. Give in. Succumb to his will instead of God's.

I share this with you today because too many people are wondering about their place in life right now. Out of work. Loss of a loved one. Financial crisis that seeks to overthrow everything we've worked so hard for. Perhaps wondering if your life is worth anything. Perhaps your even questioning God to give you a sign.

Stop and realize that right where you are at this moment, is no accident.

God is caught off guard while He was busy handling someone elses crisis and failed to notice yours.

Sometimes all those prayers seem to go unanswered but are they really? Are you seeking your own answer to them instead of Gods? Perhaps that answer isn't the one you wanted. Perhaps the answer is No or simply the worst one we hate, wait.

What wait means is just that. Wait.

Not grow impatient because we think God isn't working on our situation. It may take 20 years to reach that break through moment, but it will come. If we don't step in and handle it ourselves.

If we ask God to handle it, keep on pressing forward doing God's will in your life. Not sure what that is, pray about that instead of your impatience waiting on God's answer. I remember a quote once that God's working on things when He appears to be the most quiet in your life.

Don't worry, be happy.

There's a whole lot of truth to that statement. If we remain negative, complaining all the time, who wants to be around us? We'll breed that negativity into someone else life. Refuse to be that way. It's the one thing we can change is our attitude. Go do something for someone else instead of complaining what isn't working in your own life. See how that will change your perspective!

This all brings me to my own blogging and sharing pieces of my life with others. Often times after looking back at going on almost 4 years you wonder if it's worth it. Does anyone even care you're doing this anymore? Does anyone even read what I wrote?

The answer is yes! Yes! YES! It matters to God.

I may not see the results of my efforts until years later, but often times God sends me an encouraging message. One that tells me to keep on, keeping on. Like the one I got in an email today. Only know besides encouraging me, it has rekindled that fire of the Holy Spirit.

I started my blog to encourage not only believers but mostly unbelievers in their day to day life. I lost sight of that along the way when life got a bit busy. Thanks to you my wonderful friend for giving this parched soul a big old drink today! You will never know how much your email meant to me this morning and thank you God for sending it to me when I needed it the most. You are always doing things like that and I thank you, Lord.

Thank you for the gift of being able to share what you bring to my heart each day. May everything I write and share bring glory to YOUR name and spread the message of Hope to a dark world in need of light.


NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I felt like you had read my heart with this post and I totally relate. We all have those moments when we question our value and purpose but I too am so very grateful to my Lord for never leaving me or forsaking me. I am also thankful for blogging friends like you who continue to encourage and point others to Him. May He bless you, your life and your blog.
Hugs today.

Sharon said...

Oh yes, I relate. Today has been an emotional day for me - the details are unimportant. But how I cried out to the Lord, how I wondered if He heard my cries.

But of course, I KNOW He does!

Your post tonight was so encouraging, and it blessed my heart.

What you're writing, what you're saying matters. It reached my weary soul tonight, and God brought me here for that very reason.

Thank you...and GOD BLESS!

Greg C said...

Wow what a great post and thank you for...well you know. I was really touched by what you wrote and by one thing in particular: "Sometimes it was me, trying to work through life my own way, but God never left my side. Often times the only one who left was me."
I told someone that exact thing last week and I really think it touched her. I wasn't expecting it but it did and that may have changed my life. Often we hold our feelings inside instead of sharing them and I am finding out that sharing is the best part of life. I even wrote about that today on my blog. Thank you so much for this post.

David C Brown said...

Always good to bring in a little encouragement; grace be with you.