Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jumping Through Hoops?

I know most of you that are following my blog or reading this post from Facebook already know the craziness that we have been walking through this last year. While dealing with one failed mortgage company after another, we have almost reached the end of our proverbial rope and I am wondering if I am supposed to hang myself with it. That's an internal thought, not an actual one that I am contemplating. But sometimes in those long walks in the valleys where our character and faith are truly being tested, don't you wonder where the oasis has gone or are they all merely mirages?

Yesterday after our daily battle with Nationstar Mortgage, we reached yet another customer service rep of the day. We actually NEVER talk to the same person twice. If you attempt to reach the same person, you are given their voicemail extension to which NO ONE will EVER call you back. I can't tell you how many messages, emails, letters, you name it we have sent to this mortgage company, only to have NO ANSWER!

We have answered every single request, contacted them on a daily basis seeing as our sale date is set for October 12th at 1pm. The funny thing is that Nationstar has hired a company to push us through the foreclosure proceedings, while they attempt to work with us on loan modification, including the federal OBAMA HAMP program, which I have failed to see work for anyone who has tried. We are told our income to debt ratio is off by 6% but no one will let us speak with a person who is actually processing our loan documents. Despite it all, Nationstar denies that they are proceeding with foreclosure and they have no knowledge of it at all. In fact, we've even gone so far as to fax them all said documents and they still deny it. We called the company who is handling this for Nationstar and we're told by their attorney that they are aware of everything because it's the law to notify the mortgage company of everything. Just what is that smell anyway?

I believe it's called political and government failure. While millions of people continue to jump through the circus hoops in this sick side show, the banks are getting fat off the government to foreclose on these loans and have their own debts wiped clean. This is why this country is failing. It's driving our economy down and those that are living off the meat of those that have worked to put these people in business have failed to understand how quickly they could wind up right where we are. In the meantime, we are looking for rental property while the home we've worked at trying to keep, despite the Foreclosure Specialists that are working "for us" to save our home, will undoubtedly be sold next week. What I have learned in the process, is that scavengers are everywhere waiting to swoop in and steal what they can from you, that everyone who says they are trying to help, are only stalling until the inevitable, and the Foreclosure Specialists are just that, specialists in foreclosing on your home.

I wish they would just be up front and honest and tell people, NOPE, we're not going to help you, too bad so sad, you should probably be looking for somewhere else to live, because you're time is running out. In the long run, I can add professional hoop jumper to my resume! I know I have LOTS of experience wasting my time filling out yet more forms and spending money to mail things that will never be looked at by anyone, expect for the mail room person who places that in the circular file and the trash men that take it to the dump.

For those of you that think, we deserve it, perhaps maybe we do. Maybe we are guilty of believing the lies that good things happen to those that do the right things. I know our home isn't here anyway, and I can only hope God comes quickly. Things are getting rough here for believers anymore and for those that try to stay on the straight and narrow path. There are always thieves lying in wait for you to come across their path. For what it's worth, I had to put this on my blog. It's a part of the life, we've been going through and I believe we're heading for calmer waters soon. This will be a part of my testimony when I can go back later and analyze it all. The stuff we have here on earth is merely on loan anyway. Time to try establishing a new zip code anyway! Home is where you make it.


momstheword said...

My friend went through this. The "left" hand wasn't talking to the "right" hand. She was told that she was on target for getting the loan straightened out and she was told that she was on target for foreclosure.

They gave her a foreclosure date and even went so far as to tack a sign on the door of the house.

At the same time, she was told (and had paperwork) that all was progressing well and that her house would be fine.

It was finally all straightened out with the financing, the house was her and everything was fine.

Then she started getting paperwork again stating that they were foreclosing on her.

She had to make phone calls and everything was straightened out but it was frustrating for her to have to go all over it again. Much prayers are going up for you, my friend!

Terra said...

Bless your heart for being so open and sharing this problem with us. I pray this will work out well for you. Sometimes God sends a miracle.
You sure are not alone in this situation.
It would be great if this week the bank will work something out with you. I am praying for that, dear friend.

Wendi said...

Hey there! I haven't been by in a while and had no idea this was going one. It really stinks! I worked for 10 years as a credit investigator for a credit reporting agency. The company I worked for specialized in residential mortgage credit reports. I pulled and researched the credit reports of those who applied for a mortgage.
I lost my job at the start of the mortgage melt down in 2005 In the years I was in the business I saw the integrity of mortgage company slowly decline.

Anyway, I am sorry that this is happening. As difficult as this all is I know that God has a plan for it all. Hang in there!

Denise said...

Appreciate your honest heart my friend. Praying without ceasing for you.