Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Let us Give Praise and Encouragement Today

Yesterday while waiting in the hospital waiting room, I love to people watch. I guess it's a habit, I've become more aware of as I have gotten older. I love watching how people view their surroundings, how they communicate with one another, body language and how they interact with other people around them in different ways.

One trend that I seem to notice that almost everyone around them responds to is praise and encouragement. It's almost like people are completely starved for this type of attention. Whether people pore their heart and soul into their work, whether it's their job or a task they are doing, it makes it seem worth it, when someone notices. When they acknowledge what you did. Whether it's that new recipe you tried, that your family ah's and oh's over, to the photograph you uploaded on your social media site that not only are people liking but commenting on; or that new venture you've tried to step out in faith on and find you really enjoy; I don't think for one moment, that no one hates praise or encouragement.

They might find it embarrassing but deep down inside, I believe it's something God created inside us to respond to in a positive way. I believe it is why God loves us to praise Him. He knows how good it feels to be loved, admired and have us say positive things that are on our hearts. But I believe praise needs to be genuine and honest, not something you fake your way through just to say something nice to someone.

I believe praise and encouragement is best applied when it is sincere and it needs to be administered when we see it to have the very best results. It doesn't mean as much if you wait til the end of someone's life to let them know what they meant to you or how their life impacted yours in a life changing way. How often do we take for granted that loving meal made by our families, or the laundry that is washed, dried and folded for us to simply put away; or what about the husband or wife that bring home a paycheck after putting in hours so food is on the table each night, the lights are on, and there is water when we turn on our faucets?

What if for one moment, the things we take for granted each day that we never acknowledged simply ceased to exist? How would that change how you conveyed your praise or encouragement or how might that drive you further each day to work that much harder? The better question might be how much of life would be left if we failed?

I'm sure that there are countless people who ask themselves every single day, "Does what I am doing really matter?" "Do I really matter?" "Does anyone really care?"

Can't you hear the cries of the souls of every single person you meet? Is it that hard to thank the waitress sincerely by looking her in the eyes and let her know how much you enjoyed her bringing you your food and taking care of your dining needs? What about the nurse who responds to your care while you are sick and hurting? How about a simple sincere word of thanks?

I think too often people are trying for the bigger rewards instead of recognizing that people all around you, that you will encounter every single day, are just looking for a word from you that they matter, that you notice them, that you appreciate them? I would encourage you to view every single person you meet today with this simple thought, "What if this was their last day on earth, that at the end of the day, today, they would simply die?" Suppose it was a divine gift you were bestowed today by God. How would that impact how you treated each person you came into contact with.

I guess the bigger question is this, "What are you waiting for?"

People every single day need your praise, your encouragement, so since it's FREE why not hand it out in the largest doses we can today. I bet it will not only change them, but it will also change you!

Are you game?

Well, what are you waiting for?


Mari said...

Great post Kat! I think it's a good thing to consciously think about because we can get so caught up in hurrying through our days and not thinking about encouraging others.
Thanks for the reminder!

David C Brown said...

"as to honour, each taking the lead in paying it to the other", Romans 12: 10.

Sandra said...

Great post.

In our crazy busy lives nowadays, I think it's very easy to just think about ourselves and what is happening to us, instead of thinking of how what we're doing and living our lives affects others.

Maalai said...

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Our7isheaven said...

No matter when I'm able to stop in, your post are always a blessing!
Thank you!