Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Change in the Weather

It was a beautiful, clear sunny day yesterday up here. Sun was shining, a few passing clouds were passing by in the sky, remnants from the previous days storm on their way out of town, the wind was blowing them eastward and the weatherman's forecast for a rainy day seemed wrong once again.

Nothing can dampen my mood more than when I am anticipating rain and none comes. However by mid morning the clouds really started piling up, turning various shades of gray and blocking the sun from shining any further. The temperatures really dropped along with the wind and I don't think it heated up much past 39. I could tell by the number of times our heater kicked on that the cold was coming back in to our area.

Next thing I know, we had rain falling in a consistent rhythm. The temps continued to drop and the winds continued to howl and before we knew it, my youngest daughter was telling me it was snowing. Yes, if you go to my Facebook page, I captured it on video. Mostly because it was such an unexpected surprise, but because just watching the snow fall in itself is such a beautiful process. The intricate dance of the snowflakes falling from heaven to touch down softly and blending together, some sticking and others melting in the pooling puddles of water that covered our back patio.

God is like that at times, always consistent but loves to surprise and delight us with simple gifts that too often we take for granted, like the delicate dance of one intricately designed snowflake. If you've ever seen one close up, look at the detail in it's construction. Hard to miss that it could be a random act of fate in it's creation or a Master Builder/Planner at work? I chose to acknowledge God as a creator and not some random speck of fluff created with a water molecule that is frozen and due to its weight falls helplessly to the ground.

Can you find sometime today to catch God's gift for you? Can you find time tonight on your rush home to see the sights on your way home, that field of flowers beginning to bloom? That flower springing up in the crack on the sidewalk, the setting suns colors reflected in the beautiful masterpiece that closes the end of your day today? How about the love reflected in the eyes of those that are your family and friends that we often fail to see? I would love to have you share with me, those gifts you captured today because you took the time out to stop and notice them today. Please share them in the comment box below!

God's waiting to surprise you today, are you looking?


Sassy Granny ... said...

If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's to watch & to listen for God. Rarely a day passes that He doesn't show up in small & large ways. When He doesn't, it's because something else garnered my attention.

Isn't nature a great tutor?!!

Terra said...

I agree that God's grace is everywhere, and we can listen and look and we will find it.

Denise said...

God's gifts are everywhere, and I am so thankful for that my friend.

David C Brown said...

It's good to see the perfect detail in what God does; in His creation, and with us.