Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Story of Chinese Bamboo

I wanted to take the time to share the simple but timeless story of the miracle of the Chinese Bamboo. If you have never heard it before, take 9 minutes to watch this story being told. I'd love to hear what you think this means to you!

For me, I often hear how many times we pray for God to answer and it seems like He doesn't or isn't listening. Perhaps we need to do something before God will answer, so we pick up our prayer request and work on the issue a bit and lift it back up to God for answers, but then nothing. Day after day, nothing changes, except our hearts, our words, our thoughts and pretty soon our actions. We think God doesn't care enough about our prayer. We may even begin to doubt our faith, our worthiness, or even if it's worth praying about.

I can think of all kinds of situations where waiting for prayer may frustrate your faith. You may be expecting a healing from a dreaded diagnosis for you or a family member or friend. You may need financial help due to the downturn in this economy, a job to provide for your family, help to manage a child that has turned away from his family and his faith, help to weather a storm but in all your prayers, nothing seems to change.

We need to remember the story of the miracle of Chinese Bamboo. It make take awhile, maybe more time then you ever imagined it would take, maybe that healing won't happen, but in the course of time, goodness will result. Perhaps someone will find his salvation through one encounter with that person, was it worth it. Perhaps not to you, but to God, all of heaven rejoices when one soul turns to God. In time, we will see the results of our prayers, but remember the answer we seek may not be God's answer. Will you still rejoice? Will you still hold on to your faith? Will you still turn to God?

Remember how long we will weather the storm, depends on our response during the storm. Let's keep our faith, keep our praises and thank Him everyday even though nothing may be happening today. Believe in the things not seen and grow your faith in amazing ways!


Mari said...

That was a great video!

Goose Hill Farm said...

Great video, Kat!

David C Brown said...

Amazing; keep watering your dreams with prayer.