Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update on Josh's Surgery - Prayers Requested Please!

(Josh just before surgery at 7:30am)

Update as of 2/17/2011 at 4:25pm.

Josh is out of surgery and is in recovery now. He did well except for an irregular heartbeat at the beginning of his surgery and just at the end where his blood pressure dropped and once more had an irregular heartbeat. They believe it's just due to being put out but they are having a cardiologist stop by tomorrow just to check him out. They don't want to take any changes. Great news is that he will have a new back to last a lifetime. Please keep praying that all the results will be very good and that all the irregular heartbeat was is due to being put under. His mom is so super relieved.


Mari said...

Thanks for the update! Praying for healing and a clear bill of health on his heart.

Beth E. said...

Praying for Josh and for his quis complete healing...I'm so glad his surgery is over!

LV said...

I get rapid heartbeats real often. It just seems to run away with me. My doctor says I do not have a heart problem. I am having anxiety attacks. I trust that is all that young man is having.

Girly Muse said...

Thank God! Will continue to keep him in our prayers.