Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Homecoming

It's been so long since we've seen him that it's so hard to remember what he looks like. Looking back it seems like ages but it hasn't really been that long at all.

Even though you talk to him every day, it's not the same thing as being there together. Nothing feels better than when your together.

You keep checking your watch wondering just how much longer it will be. There have been delays in the past when you were sure he was coming home, but you're hoping this will be it.

You've done all you can to get ready, you've made sure the home is all tidy just the way he loves it. You've made sure that you look just right. Seems no matter how hard you try to look your very best, he is just happy to see you and take you into his arms and tell you how very much he loves you.

Just thinking about how much you've missed him, makes the anxiety you're feeling even worse. Butterflies in your stomach? Ha! This feels more like tanks rolling into battle complete with air defense as a back up.

Just how much longer will it be?

How much longer before you see his amazing, beautiful face?

How safe will it feel when he wraps his arms around you and holds you tight?

How soothing will it be to hear his voice call your name and tell you that he loves you!

You begin to pace the floor, back and forth, expecting to see him at any moment.

Oh it could be the very next time you look up and see him watching you, to see just how long it will take before you look up and notice he's been watching you.

You smile and your eyes begin to mist. Oh it's been so long. So long for so many things. You have so much to share with one another. Time to tell each other what you've missed since you've been apart. Time to tell each other what you mean to one another. How much you love him if its possible to love him more.

At times it feels as if time has flown by and at other times, it seems to crawl or not move at all.

Suddenly, the time is here before you know it.

You look up and see his face.

He is smiling!!!

He has his arms open wide and he is walking towards you. Now he begins to run.

You run towards him trying to make any distance between you both disappear. Your smiling and crying at the same time as you both embrace. His arms feel so good around you and you never want to let go.

He tells you that you will never be apart again. That there will be no separation any longer for either of you. This time it's forever. This time he promises that nothing will take you away from him. He holds you tight and when you look up, he is crying as well.

You turn and walk side by side, looking at one another, never taking your eyes off each other for one minute. He calls your name and you just know your home. It's the ultimate homecoming.


Angel said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

from my front porch... said...

That took my breath away...

Happy Holidays, Kat!
xo, misha

LV said...

One of your best pieces yet. You are one special lady with a heart that is in the right place.

Divine Mrs D said...

I can't wait to feel like I'm home.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love this, it is so beautiful.

David C Brown said...

What a time it will be - to see His face and hear His voice. Yet how good it is to know something of it by faith and the power of the Spirit!