Monday, August 16, 2010

As Requested

I have a couple request for some pictures of my kitchen, my sink and the paint on my bedroom walls, so without further adieu here they are:

Here is our master bedroom. The paint color is Tiffany Blue just like the jewelry box. We've painted our bedroom 3 times and this is our permanent color now. It just feels so light and tranquil. You can also see the massive headboard on our bed where our kitties love to sit on top and check out the view when the blinds are open too!

Here's another view from the right side of the room looking into our attached bathroom.

Next is our kitchen. We are rethinking some creative decorating ideas for our kitchen including painting our cabinets. Any suggestions? Would love to hear them.

Finally here is the kitchen sink that is made of black granite. I LOVE IT! It's virtually indestructible and so easy to care for. The only thing I would have changed looking back would be to eliminate the divider in the middle and just have one really large deep basin!

Well there you have it. We are resting from this weekends whirlwind activities and staying cool outside. We have temps into the 103's today with higher than normal humidity. YUCK! So we are staying inside and cool!


Mich said...

Cute bedroom. Love the blue!

Happy monday!

Doris said...

Ya know, I'm not typically a blue person, but that particular shade is soooo pretty! As far as the kitchen, painting the cabinets and maybe changing out the cabinet doors to ones with glass in them? From the looks of things, your home is neat and organized and you wouldn't have the problem I do of having 50 gazillion things stacked in the cupboards looking like a thrift store shelf! LOL

LV said...

Thank you for the tour of your home. It is a home that looks lived in and that is the way it should be. I love the wall color in your bedroom.

Deb said...

Great bedroom!

Love the blue.

This summer we painted my dining room in almost the same shade.

I love to decorate too.

Sweet dreams.

Denise said...

I love it all, looks great.

Mari said...

Very nice. I love the color of the bedroom! It's exactly what I was thinking of for our bedroom.
We painted our kitchen cabinets a few years ago and I love it. The kitchen is so much lighter and cheerier!

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Kat, oh I love your blue bedroom, very pretty, mine needs painting badly but I am thinking more of a light quilt colors are aqua, brown with a bit of gold and orange..any ideas..I should post some pics on my blog.
Love the black granite sink. I wish I could replace mine but its an undermount and we have tile. But I am going to get a nice faucet that is nice and high and with a pull out spray..

Hot down here it raining up there, lots of dark thunderheads that way.


Loren said...

Your bedroom color is so peaceful :) I used to have those exact lamps !!!

Our kitchen sink is one great big sink without the divider and oh my gosh...we LOVE it! I will never have a sink with a divider again!

Loved your tour ~ your home is LOVELY! Sooo glad you all had such a good family weekend! We start school on Wednesday so we are counting down the final hours :(

Love you!

Rita said...

I always love to tour other people's homes. Thank you for showing us yours. The bedroom looks so peaceful and restful! I know you will enjoy the color. Cabinets? Well you could paint them white or taupe or just about any color you like, but can I give you a hint? Use oil based paint when you do it as it will hold up much better than latex. Our nephew is a painter and gave us that hint. And he is right. I am in the process of painting mine with oil base. They were latex and did not hold up!


Kat, Great pics. I LOVE the kitchen countertops. So great. How are you feeling? Blessings my friend,

Kathy C. said...

I love the blue in your bedroom, it actually looks almost identical to mine! :) However, I like your bedspread,...much cozier than mine, I'm undergoing some decor changes soon. :)
Funny you say the sink is indestructible! When we re-did our kitchen several years ago, I really wanted the black granite sink. Brought one home and when removed from the box, it had a crack! This happened with the second one we brought home too! We have had SS ever since then,LOL

Lou said...

Love the blue. And now I really, really want a black granite sink. :)

Have a great week!


Thena said...

Love the color of your bedroom, so peaceful and serene. I painted our kitchen cabinets about a year ago. I thought I had always wanted white kitchen cabinets. But if I had to do it over they wouldn't be white. They show EVERYTHING. I'm constantly wiping them off.

Joyce said...

I love your sink and I'm with you on having one big one. My house now has a big sink and a smaller side piece so it works well. It is ceramic and scratches easily though...I love the granite!

RCUBEs said...

I love blue! And your bedroom looks so peaceful! Neat! Thanks for sharing your "home" with us...Blessings to you sister and have a great week ahead. Stay hydrated!

Four Buttons said...

I'm really into blue as well and that color of blue is so lovely in your MB! Love it! Also, I'm such a fan of the tiled countertops! In my next house I would love to do that, it's so cool! wish I oculd give you tips on the kitchen, but I like it the way it is and am not a home decorator type :) thanks for giving us a glimpse of your home :)

Just Breathe said...

I love that sink and your bedroom color is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.